Virtual Meet-ups & getting to know Izaak

VR & Zoom save our lockdown sanity

The studio remains closed as we do our bit to stay at home and stop the spread. But that hasn't meant we have stopped meeting up. This month we had a great catch up on Zoom with a bunch of the members and we have another meet scheduled for next week. Want to join in? get in touch. We also had an Oculus VR meet-up and Ian, Carl, Rob and I played some virtual paintball, laser tag and ten pin bowling. Got an Oculus? Join us next time.

Meet Izaak

This month marks the start of our "Meet the Members" series. Every member gets their own showcase page on the site and a shout out here in our newsletter and over on our social media. Below is a small snippet of Izaak's showcase.

When do you feel most creative?
I like to walk, the fresh air and changing landscapes often inspire creativity.

How did you find out about Unicorn Studios?
In conversation with Rob, we worked on an animation project together and I found out about the creative space a couple of years ago i think!

While working at home what is your guilty pleasure?
I like to work in various spaces, think up ideas/write things down in the living room or on a pillow! Comfort first.

What would success look like for you in the future?
Floating on a yacht.

Would you rather be a tiny unicorn or a giant hamster?
Tiny unicorn, 1000 percent!

Izaak's full showcase -  Izaak's website

On the roof of Ipswich

Can you guess where this is...?

It's the roof of The Regent in Ipswich. Dan has been working on a new lighting setup at The Regent. It's terribly sad that theatres have to be closed right now but at least The Regent are taking the opportunity to get much needed works completed and keeping a Unicorner busy.

Meanwhile Rob's been continuing work on Keep Moving Suffolk, with a new ‘I Move Because’ campaign launched at the start of the year. It is aimed at continued awareness of the positive impact of ‘moving’ on your physical and mental health. So if you are stuck for ideas while not travelling to the studio check out the website. If you're out exercising or on an essential journey keep an eye out for Rob’s handy work on campaign bus adverts or posters on bottle banks (while maybe dropping off the remnants of a few lockdown bevies).

News roundup

We want your work news
On the recent Zoom call there was lots of interest in getting your work mentioned in the newsletter. Please send it in to Steve and we'll make sure it gets in next time this is not meant to be the Rob, Steve and Dan show, we want to champion the whole community!

Comfortable comfort breaks
We finally have a heater in our toilet, hurray. When we reopen those comfort breaks are going to be a lot more comfortable.

The demise of the florescent tubes
We have new lighting in the hallway too. No more florescent tubes (well we still one in the dungeon, but its going too)

Ian hits the big time
Ian featured (albeit briefly) on the Antiques roadshow last weekend.

Unicorn reopening
We get asked a lot when we will be opening again. Right now we continue to watch the local infection numbers and see when school go back, so no specific plans, sorry.

Virtual cycling mission
Rob has signed up to a virtual cycling mission for St Elizabeth Hospice, you can join here.

Google juice
We're coming top in lots of local google searches thanks to your reviews. If you haven't done so far please click here to leave a Google review.

Tell your friends
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