Merry Christmas - Our First Ever Newsletter

Merry Christmas From Unicorn Studios

What a year. It started off really well with our first Unicorn Breakfast in early February and a real buzz in the studio the first few months of the year with some really busy days. Then of course COVID hit, we had to close like everyone else for several months and with the "work from home where possible" directive things have remained pretty quiet after we reopened our COVID secure space in August.


It's not all bad news though. Members are coming back gradually in the last month or so and on top of that renovation has continued apace. The basement is now transformed and the cloakroom and hallway are well on their way thanks to Christian. We are rising from the ashes and the buzz is coming back.

We are starting to furnish the basement and want to know what you would like to see it used for. Perhaps a quiet and private space for calls and meetings, perhaps a podcasting studio? We would love to hear your ideas and desires for the space, just reply to this email with your suggestions or chat to us about it.

Work, work, work.

There has been plenty of freelancing and collaboration going in the studio despite what 2020 has thrown at us all. Mark King and Rob have been working together on a walk to school campaigns for the Suffolk County Council. Steve and Rob worked together on some big screens for the Indianapolis 500 and Dan has been busy building intelligent roads and interactive soundscapes. What have you been working on? Starting in January we are posting a monthly member showcase. A few questions to answer via email and ideally a few pictures and we will put together an article all about who you are and what you do, who wants to go first!?

A little ask

We're keen to move into 2021 with lots of energy and new members assuming we can all wave goodbye to COVID in the coming months. It would really help us if you could write a Google review and help spread the word. This link takes you straight to the form. If you have already written one, thank you so much, this really helps a small local business like ours.

What to expect in 2021

With renovation completed we will be spreading the word far and wide about our friendly little studio in 2021 and more importantly spreading the word about our amazing members. As well as our monthly newsletters and member showcases we'll be extending the website to show more of our collective portfolio and working together to pitch for bigger creative projects as a studio. That's our ambition, we want to give our members a place to enjoy working,  a place to meet new people and a place find exciting new projects and work on them as a team.

Work from home woes

We have an advertising campaign pencilled in for January, all about the perils of WFH and why a co-working space like ours can really help keep you sane. What's the worst thing about working from home for you? Any interesting anecdotes of a year of WFH, and zoom calls gone wrong? We'd love to hear your stories or any creative ideas you have for our campaign.

Christmas closure

After today (23rd Dec) the studio will be officially closed until 6th Jan. If you have a key you are still welcome to use the space but the heating will be switched off to try and save on those bills and do our bit for the environment. Any question feel free to contact Rob, Steve or Dan directly or use sayhello@unicornipswich.co.uk which will go to all 3 of us. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Rob, Steve & Dan

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