Back Up & Running

One month into escaping our own kitchen tables, things are moving apace at Unicorn Studios. Our community continues to return and grow and we welcome new Unicorners Keith, Chloe and Andrew. We're expecting another new cohort next month too so if there are any alumni pondering a return to the studio do get in quick before we fill up. We're seeing a lot of people keen to escape those 4 walls of the home office or kitchen.

The drab hallway has had a lick of paint to bring it on brand (thanks Christian!) leading to the newly redeveloped basement space, with plans afoot to open this soon.

In the wake of the pandemic, communal workspace is acting as a refuge of sorts for those wanting stimulation, inspiration, and a couple of days out of the house but also for those who don’t wish to travel on public transport.  If you want to try out the space for the free or if you have any questions get in touch.

With Covid restrictions still in place, Unicorn capacity continues to be limited to 6 people per day, so members should use our booking system.

Meet James

This month’s "Meet the Member" features drummer enthusiast, marketing wizz and self proclaimed bad sailor James Webb.

Tell us a little about yourself
I'm James and I'm the business and marketing manager for www.beatbalance.co, which is an app for drummers, which my very talented friend Neil has written. I've been working in the corporate world for years and when I got made redundant last year it coincided with Neil looking to launch BeatBalance commercially so he asked me to get involved. I've been living in Ipswich for about ten years with my wife and two boys, I'm a drummer, a guitarist, and a very bad sailor.

When do you feel most creative?
There's an energy that comes from having talented people in a room together, and that talent doesn't have to be something traditionally thought of as "creative". I've been in technical project meetings where lots of different people are problem-solving and working together to make something that is more than the sum of its parts, and that's an amazing feeling. There's also that epiphany moment you get when working in a group where you go "yeah, we got this, we've made something together" which is really hard to replicate when you're working on your own.

Read James' full member showcase here...

Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism

We've joined a fantastic new local initiative which helps businesses take a small step in fight against systemic racism.

Open to Everyone. Closed to Racism (OECR) is a new platform for business owners that provides an accessible route to education about racism and a clearly branded signal to staff and customers that they are taking a stand against racism.

For businesses stifled by worries about doing the wrong thing or just being unsure of where to start, standing against racism publicly can feel overwhelming. This often leads to inaction. OECR is a first step on this journey for Unicorn Studios.

Jessica wanted to create something visual, thought-provoking and simple that business owners could share in their high street storefronts. The idea is that together, the small actions would be amplified into something more noticeable that would inspire attention and discussion.

You can find out more here: opentoeveryoneclosedtoracism.com

Thanks for reading
Rob, Steve & Dan

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